Uniforms and Equipment

The following list of uniform and equipment is acceptable for member clubs and players. It will also include a link to where gear may be purchased if applicable. A full list of vendors for these items will be found below.

  The uniform of the time consisted of a variety of sweaters and shirts. 

 Also the vest you see here, made of canvas and sometimes leather is a good addition to the uniform. 

 They vest came seems to have come in short and long sleeve. 

 The pants of the era were made of thick canvas, sometimes leather and featured bits of padding here and there. 

  The helmets varied greatly. In fact many early players didn't where helmets. You see a variety of players with or with out them. Made of leather and sometimes a heavy cloth material. These are not required for playing vintage football. 

The Cleats are a leather boot with metal spikes on the bottom. 

  The only real equipment needed is the "melon" style football. This football, shaped differently than the modern football, resembles closely the Rugby ball from which it comes.


Team Sweaters : www.rallyrockers.com (Makers of Vintage letter sweaters and apparel) 
Lace up Vests : Currently we are working to have these produced
Pants : Currently there is no one making these. Working to have them produced. 
Socks : The only ones making a good period style sports sock is http://www.wizardknits.com/socks.html
Cleats : No one is currently making a reproduction cleat. For now players will be permitted to wear modern (black) football cleats. 

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